MBI Construction Services bringing professional Metal Fabrication Services to job-sites across the Pacific Northwest

Metal Fabrication experts from Yakima & Kennewick, WA and other surrounding areas.

MBI Construction Services has expert metal fabricators capable of transforming high-quality materials into your needed item. We know that it takes an experienced welder who understands the chemical and physical properties of metal to complete your order to its exact specifications. At MBI Construction Services, we use tremendous amounts of heat, forward vision and masterful instruction to create products that meet your specific requirements. Whether you need tubing, railing, plating or machinery fabricated, our highly experienced tradesmen can get it done. When you utilize our services, you’ll get access to sheet-metal workers, steelworkers, iron-workers and certified welders throughout the Pacific Northwest. Need more information? Contact us today at 509-453-3326 to learn more.

Experts in metal fabrication

Experts in metal fabrication

The tradesmen at MBI Construction Services are experts in the field of metal fabrication. No matter what your need, we can handle it. That includes:

  • Custom kitchen and sanitary code equipment
  • Tanks and non-pressure vessels
  • All types of piping
  • Material welding
  • Sheet metal products
  • Architectural fabrication
  • Light gauge metal products
  • Agriculture fabrication
MBI Construction Services can handle all of your custom metal fabrications. Call us today to learn more.